Sunday, January 1, 2012

skink pictures


skink pictures

sorry but my pictures just wont upload. sorry. the whole picture is a mess.

lizardmen skinks

i have just got a lizardmen battleforce for christmas and because i have been away a lot, i havent had chance to make them.but my mum and dad are having a harry potter film marathon(watching all harry potter films in one go) so i decided to make the battleforce in that time. i havent finished as much as i would like but i got slightly distracted by the films. i didnt do any on the 30th as i was...well...not doing it at that point, rather playing video games (e.g. shouting at mario kart 7).  my computer hates me as it keeps popping up with an error. has anyone else experienced that? leave your answers in the comments below!skink pictures coming when i sort out this problem with new blogger interface.