Thursday, October 27, 2011

can you survive zombie highway step 2: zombie weapons and equipment.

the zombies!!!!
 right so i have now completed step 2 of my home-made game. to do the weapons it is really very simple. to paint the metal use any kind of metal paint you can get your hands on, i used citadel chainmail which was really good.then you can go over the silver in devlan mud if you wish, so you can make a really good rusty effect. it isnt super visible but its makes them seem very old and weathered. for any wood i used foundry spear shaft as it looks a very wood style brown.
the whole array of paints used for step 2 and a zombie

my lucky painting mascot
 for the clothes i used a wash of devlan mud to make them look old but you can put other stuff on if you wish. i also used blue for a couple of zombies clothes as they look very modern i will be droaning on about the other features in a few weeks time such as the hairand the gruesome heads some zombies are carrying. i have had to survive a week of either a: no internet connection or b: chugging internet connection. after i have finished the zombies i will be on a stupidly long hunt to find a guy with a pistol when i could always pop down to games workshop and buy a pack of imperial guardsmen. what do you think? see you next time!  
this water lasted me the whole step!

the refreshments died


more zombies

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


more cool links. i have some awesome ones 1              link 2               link 3     link 4

campaign report plus cool music link. i recorded it on my ipod its so cool. maybe

my campaign progress so far

wins 0
draws 0
losses 2

as you can see i never win. but my dad faced the same guy as me and he phased out. lol. at least  about 2 storm guardian and a wave serpent survived.

now, about the link: aoz1930. can you deciver the code? just click on the link if you havent already.
can anyone TAB that for me? please? (tab is a type of guitar music where there are numbers instead of notes. hope i havent baffled you.)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tyranid hive fleet apocalypse vs the nameless ones

Points: 750
Mission type: capture and control
Table setup: pitched battle

Turn 1
The hive tyrant? Spawns 13 termagaunts and the other spawns 10.
The destroyers kill the venomthroape, blowing it apart in a spore cloud.
Turn 2
The warriors thin down the line of termagaunts heading for the necron objective.
Turn 3
The trygon prime emerges from the rubble to grab the necron objective. It sends out a huge static blast but barely bruises the necrons.the termagaunt squad heading for the necron objective is obliterated, the squad sneaking round the trees is hit by the destroyers and the tyranids hide in the trees. The scarabs claw away at the hive tyrant, causing 2 wounds
Turn 4
The trygon prime is decimated in combat with the lord and the termagaunts assault the necron unit but are bruised hard and slaughter 2 necrons
Turn 5
The hive tyrant is ripped apart letting out a howl that rips 6 termagaunts apart. The scarabs head for the tyranid objective, only to be assaulted by a squad of termagaunts.
Turn 6
The necrons batter the termagaunts in combat with the help of the lord. The remainig hive tyrant guarding the tyranid objective is blasted by the destroyers and killed

Necron victory!!!!!

This is the necron team

The unintended
Necron lord with veil of darkness ( i think i didnt read the list properly beforehand)

The silent
10 necron warriors

The c'tans servants
10 necron warriors

The claws of fury
4 scarab swarms

The decimators
4 necron destroyers

I cant remember the points i think it came to 748 points like i said i didnt read the list beforehand. That is also the list my dad will be using in a campaign game on thursday onwards and i am entering too with my eldar i have no clue what to put in there so please comment some ideas. Thats great if you do that i will put a new poll on because the other ones are getting a bit old now i really need to change them i will put campaign battle posts on here so if i win or not i probably will lose the first round but you never know. Have you seen the new leaked necron pictures? They are totally epic. Thats all!

New project sneek preview

Exclusive photos of my new project! ooh! what could it be?

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Just thought i would throw this in but im not actually working on it ill be playing it and putting battle reports on. (maybe). Thats actually it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

project no 1 can you survive zombie highway step 1 zombie flesh and organs.

for my zombies i gave them a wash of devlan mud,(so handy..) on the fleshy bits, with another wash of thraka green to represent the rotting flesh and another wash of ogre flesh to give that really fleshy feel. then i dry-brushed foundry light moss. then i used a dark mechrite red for the guts and brains and the gore, then i used a dry brush of foundry wine stain red to give it a really gory feel. step 2 will include painting the weapons and clothes. i tried to upload a picture but my computer died and refuses to make sensible photos and my hard work went all negative. boo,hoo! damn you computer!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project no.1 can you survive zombie highway?

This is a post about my brand new project. Can you survive zombie highway? The rules are you have to fight your way through a highway of endlessly respawning zombies.

Character profiles:

You,the hero
Ws:3 bs:3 s:3 t:3 w:2 i:4 a:1 ld:10 sv:3+

Zombie, one of many.
Ws:4 bs:0 s:4 t:4 w:1 a:1 ld: erm,2 sv 5+

Xd9 hand pistol
Range: 12
Ap:does it matter?
Type: pistol.

For the battle i am using some lead zomnie figures and a lead guy with a hand pistol. I am painting the zombies tonight and the guy with an xd9 at another point in time. See you some other time!