Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project no.1 can you survive zombie highway?

This is a post about my brand new project. Can you survive zombie highway? The rules are you have to fight your way through a highway of endlessly respawning zombies.

Character profiles:

You,the hero
Ws:3 bs:3 s:3 t:3 w:2 i:4 a:1 ld:10 sv:3+

Zombie, one of many.
Ws:4 bs:0 s:4 t:4 w:1 a:1 ld: erm,2 sv 5+

Xd9 hand pistol
Range: 12
Ap:does it matter?
Type: pistol.

For the battle i am using some lead zomnie figures and a lead guy with a hand pistol. I am painting the zombies tonight and the guy with an xd9 at another point in time. See you some other time!

1 comment:

  1. Unless there are some other rules, my money's on the zombies.