Friday, July 29, 2011

The nameless ones vs saim hann wild rider host part 2

The nameless ones vs saim hann wild rider host part 2

Turn 4...continued
...then, the lord and his warriors appeared near to the guardians, the scorpions and the night spinner. It fired its shuriken catapult at them but killed none. Then, the scorpions leaped at the lord, taking off another wound but one was killed by the warscythe. The guardians assaulted the warriors,only to be killed by the warriors.farseer yirenis was hit by gauss,throwing him into the wreck of the crashed rhino.the warriors assaulted the avatar who killed one and took 2 wounds

Turn 5
The wraithlord came to assist the avatar, killing the warriors and the scorpions were cut down as well. The swooping hawks landed this turn ,killing a warrior but retreated in assault

Turn 6
The hawks ran straight off the table, giving the necrons another victory point. Nothing really happened.

Turn 7
Nothing happened


End of battle acknowledgements.
Thanks to:
Sonsoftaurus for giving me some helpful battle strategies and the gobstyks club for providing the scenery,etc,etc

End of battle fluff.the eldar retreated to their craftworld as the necrons returned to their tombs.end.

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The nameless ones vs saim hann wild rider host part 1

The nameless ones vs saim hann wild rider host part 1

Turn 1

A krak missle flys through the air to start off this epic battle.striking the necron lord, it explodes in a spectacular fashion, blasting the armour off the lord, causing a wound. The destroyers screamed forward, firing a rapid volley of gauss energy, blasting 2 eldar jetbikes apart before getting the warriors to open fire at the remaining jetbike,throwing it off balance and straight into a ruin.

Turn 2
The avatar charged forward towards the wraithlord close behind him. Farseer yirenis jumps for the destroyers and close combats them killing 2 and taking a wound. Aware of the approaching scarabs, the scorpions open fire at the scarabs causing a wound on 1 swarm.the warriors open fire at the wraithlord causing a wound. The scarabs leap at the scorpians, only to be sliced apart by chainswords.

Turn 3
The wraithlord and avatar march towards the destroyers, slicing them apart like a knife through butter. The scorpions attack the scarabs, mushing them like there was no tomorrow. But scarabs jumped on a striking scorpion and ripped him apart. [Did you ever see ants crawl up a dead body and engulf it completely? Like that, just the guy was alive and these were futuristic mecha-beetles, not ants!]then the scorpions attacked the surviving few, killing them.

Turn 4
The avatar walks towards the tomb spyder, intent on killing it.the tomb spyder was sliced apart faster than a car going at 10000000mph.4-1. But then, a dark purple light started to glow around the lord and a squad of warriors. In an instant they were be continued in part 2

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eldar 1000pts private and confidential

Eldar 1000pts private and confidential

Im going to beat some necrons but ive only got my list. Here it is,

Farseer yirenis. 105
With mind war and fortune

Avatar of khaine. 155


Avengers of khaine
10 Eldar guardians. 108
With warlock aeranis with embolden and singing spear and missile launcher turret

The wild host.
3 Guardian jetbikes. 66


The shadowstealers
6 striking scorpians. 153
1 exarch with scorpians claw and biting blade and exarch powers stalker and shadowstrike

Fast attack

The skys edge
6 swooping hawks 156
1 exarch with skyleap,hawks talon

Heavy support

The unwinding doom
Night spinner. 150
Holo fields

The blood of eldanesh 100
With wraithsword

Total: 1000

Do you think i will win?

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Tau fire cadre and 101st ultramarine squadron vs saim hann wild rider host and 23rd imperial guard regiment

Tau fire cadre and 101st ultramarine squadron vs saim hann wild rider host and 23rd imperial guard regiment

Turn 1
Wrecked sky ray by ig rocket launcher

Avatar 1 wound and 2 jetbikers died. War walker blows up.


Turn 2
Avatar boom
Last jetbike burns up in an explosion of blood and gore.
Kroot kill 2 hawks.hawks kill three kroot.Wraithlord and farseer ______ in combat.vindicator misfires and blows a tau drone to pieces and drazhar slices the other one in half.

Hawks beat up kroot in combat!!!!!
Hawks consolidate to devilfish. No damage. Tau fire warriors close in on the swooping hawks
Wraithlord 2 wounds warlocks close in and drazhar silently charges towards the battlesuit commander.skyleap. Warp spiders corner space marine squad and kill 2 1 warp spider dies.
Ig mass fire kills 4 tau.
Drazhar blown to pieces.
Wraithlord falls to its knees,defeated. But the warlocks and farseer start smashing the battle suit to pieces.1 ultramarine remains in combat whereas 3 warp spiders remain.

Turn 5
Battlesuit dies.
Ultramarine dies
scorpions die


End of battle fluff:
Farseer_____ gazed over the blood strewn battle field, with tank commander fireheart at his side. It had been a long and bloody battle. "khaine will have vengeance" the farseer shouted across the battlefield as the tau retreated and the thunderhawks picked up the space marines.
Even the might of the space marines and tau could not conquer the planet bluddvali, as it was known to the orkz of waaagh! grudjbos. But they would be back. And they would be stronger.

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