Friday, July 29, 2011

The nameless ones vs saim hann wild rider host part 1

The nameless ones vs saim hann wild rider host part 1

Turn 1

A krak missle flys through the air to start off this epic battle.striking the necron lord, it explodes in a spectacular fashion, blasting the armour off the lord, causing a wound. The destroyers screamed forward, firing a rapid volley of gauss energy, blasting 2 eldar jetbikes apart before getting the warriors to open fire at the remaining jetbike,throwing it off balance and straight into a ruin.

Turn 2
The avatar charged forward towards the wraithlord close behind him. Farseer yirenis jumps for the destroyers and close combats them killing 2 and taking a wound. Aware of the approaching scarabs, the scorpions open fire at the scarabs causing a wound on 1 swarm.the warriors open fire at the wraithlord causing a wound. The scarabs leap at the scorpians, only to be sliced apart by chainswords.

Turn 3
The wraithlord and avatar march towards the destroyers, slicing them apart like a knife through butter. The scorpions attack the scarabs, mushing them like there was no tomorrow. But scarabs jumped on a striking scorpion and ripped him apart. [Did you ever see ants crawl up a dead body and engulf it completely? Like that, just the guy was alive and these were futuristic mecha-beetles, not ants!]then the scorpions attacked the surviving few, killing them.

Turn 4
The avatar walks towards the tomb spyder, intent on killing it.the tomb spyder was sliced apart faster than a car going at 10000000mph.4-1. But then, a dark purple light started to glow around the lord and a squad of warriors. In an instant they were be continued in part 2

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