Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eldar 1000pts private and confidential

Eldar 1000pts private and confidential

Im going to beat some necrons but ive only got my list. Here it is,

Farseer yirenis. 105
With mind war and fortune

Avatar of khaine. 155


Avengers of khaine
10 Eldar guardians. 108
With warlock aeranis with embolden and singing spear and missile launcher turret

The wild host.
3 Guardian jetbikes. 66


The shadowstealers
6 striking scorpians. 153
1 exarch with scorpians claw and biting blade and exarch powers stalker and shadowstrike

Fast attack

The skys edge
6 swooping hawks 156
1 exarch with skyleap,hawks talon

Heavy support

The unwinding doom
Night spinner. 150
Holo fields

The blood of eldanesh 100
With wraithsword

Total: 1000

Do you think i will win?

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  1. Good luck!

    The Night Spinner could be fun. Necrons like to stay close together, so the template might even clip multiple units.

    The hawks will be great if he brings a monolith, being able to haywire it is a treat.

    If you can get the avatar and wraithlord into combat with his warriors, it's pretty much over for him. Concentrate early on taking out the threats to them, and the rest of the game should go easier.

  2. great game ! the toughest yet!