Friday, July 29, 2011

The nameless ones vs saim hann wild rider host part 2

The nameless ones vs saim hann wild rider host part 2

Turn 4...continued
...then, the lord and his warriors appeared near to the guardians, the scorpions and the night spinner. It fired its shuriken catapult at them but killed none. Then, the scorpions leaped at the lord, taking off another wound but one was killed by the warscythe. The guardians assaulted the warriors,only to be killed by the warriors.farseer yirenis was hit by gauss,throwing him into the wreck of the crashed rhino.the warriors assaulted the avatar who killed one and took 2 wounds

Turn 5
The wraithlord came to assist the avatar, killing the warriors and the scorpions were cut down as well. The swooping hawks landed this turn ,killing a warrior but retreated in assault

Turn 6
The hawks ran straight off the table, giving the necrons another victory point. Nothing really happened.

Turn 7
Nothing happened


End of battle acknowledgements.
Thanks to:
Sonsoftaurus for giving me some helpful battle strategies and the gobstyks club for providing the scenery,etc,etc

End of battle fluff.the eldar retreated to their craftworld as the necrons returned to their tombs.end.

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  1. Cool, sounds like a fun game. Entertaining writeup.