Wednesday, April 27, 2011

battle report 1 diy project

i made a diy project the other day. a scratch built 40k city battle without 40k are  the rules and battle report.

instructions to do it yourself.


figures of robots, zombies, monsters, anything really! i used some dr who figures and they worked a treat!
figures of humans [aka small soldiers, hazmats, anything that is about imperial guardsman size,space marine size, etc, etc...]
toy buildings, model cars, lego houses... anything that represents a city!
40k templates [if required]
tape measure

how to play

humans are the heroes

any other things except scenery are enemies

place buildings and scenery anywhere.

rules for robots

3 to hit
4 to wound
4+ save
24" range laser

rules for monsters

3 to hit
4 to wound
no guns

rules for zombies

no guns

rules for heroes.

make it up!

roll to see how many zombies come on
same with monsters
same with robots

battle report

turn 1
 5 monsters appeared from the warp and charge forward. 5 robots teleport in and clunk forward 3 inches. 3 zombies are summoned. heroes walk forward 6"

turn 2
heroes jump on train and get off near monsters. 1 monster was brutally blasted apart by a rifle bullet and one was blown into thousands of pieces by grenade.monsters and zombies stomp int combat and one monster has its head cracked by a lethal blow from the back of the rifle. another monster is smashed in the face by a hazmats fist.

turn 3

the werewolf is bashed in the jaw and killed and the robots march into combat

turn 4

i hero is zombified and drops down dead with the immense poison

turn 5
1 zombie is smashed and 1 hero has a robotic fist to the face

turn 6

a zombie is beaten and a robot is short-circuited but a hero pays the price and is brutally killed

final turn

final hero is robotified and dies horribly.

i lost


  1. you were playing against yourself and you lost ?!

  2. if you entered a monster,zombie,robot and hero battle story contest you will win!