Saturday, February 12, 2011

more 40k now

this site is now about both types of gaming.

if you want to start playing 40k here are the optional armies:

space marines:                         the beginners marines are a good all-rounded army.there are many different legions,or chapters of space marines are humans in powerful armour suits,or power armour.the most common chapter is of my mates has a salamanders army,which is a space marine chapter.below is a space marine devastator with a heavy bolter.dakkadakka is the place to look to find lots of 40k news.

a space marine chapter.the only differences are the Baal predator, Dante-lord of the blood angels and brother corbulo.apart from that there is absolutely no difference.except that they are vampires.

see? i told you so
black templars: no difference here.they are a completely different army though.

dark angels:
no difference here too except for veterans.

these are psychic beings that create creatures out of wraithbone.the avatar is the living incarnation of khaine.the eldars worst rival is slaanesh.

chaos space marines and chaos daemons:
the chaos space marines are renegade space marines really.
they can summon chaos daemons as well.
chaos daemons are daemons of the warp and are very close to the chaos gods.

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  1. Will you be doing a comparison of the Chaos Marines? I do hope so.

    Blog looks great keep up the good work.